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Maalox® Liquid

Maalox Liquid

Maalox® Liquid

Maalox® liquid gives you fast, effective relief from heartburn1,2, with long-lasting activity3, and protects your stomach against excess stomach acid.

Maalox® liquid is available in bottles and sachets (stick packs) and in a range of pleasant flavours (the range available will depend on the country you are in). Bottles are ideal for use at home, and sachets are handy to take with you wherever you go – to the office, on long journeys or to a restaurant.

Maalox® relieves heartburn (acid indigestion) by neutralizing excess acid in the oesophagus (food-pipe) and the stomach. You should start to feel relief from heartburn very quickly1,2. To see how Maalox® works, follow this link:

See how Maalox® works

In most countries, you can buy Maalox® liquid without a prescription. For more information about the availability of Maalox® in your country, please see the Maalox® in my country page of this website.

Maalox® in your country

Always read the instructions for use before taking this medicine.

For information on the Summary of Product Characteristics (Prescribing information for the UK) please follow the link below

SmPC (Prescribing information for the UK)