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What is Maalox®?


What is Maalox®?

Maalox® has been a trusted remedy for almost 60 years. First launched in France in 1949, it is now available in over 50 countries throughout the world. Millions of people all over the world choose Maalox® to provide relief from heartburn, with 40 million packs sold every year.

Maalox® is used for the relief of heartburn (acid indigestion), excess gas and wind (flatulence). In most countries, Maalox® is available without a prescription.

The Maalox® range includes two main types of product:

  • Maalox® is an antacid that contains two main active ingredients: aluminium hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide. These two ingredients neutralize excess acid produced by the stomach and provide fast, effective relief from heartburn1,2, with long-lasting activity3. Within a few minutes of taking Maalox®, you should start to feel effective relief from your heartburn symptoms1,2.
  • Maalox® Plus contains an additional ingredient, simethicone, which helps to relieve the excess gas and wind sometimes associated with heartburn.

Maalox® is available in tablet form (with or without sugar), or as a liquid in bottles or sachets (stick packs). There is also a wide range of flavours available, including mint, lemon and cherry.

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In most countries, Maalox® is available from pharmacies without a prescription from your doctor.

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For information on the Summary of Product Characteristics (Prescribing information for the UK) please follow the link below

SmPC (Prescribing information for the UK)